I’ve witnessed so many people, including myself, have their professional situation evolve for the better once they had begun to integrate the spiritual connection into their daily life.

But I know it’s easy to start and to stop before you’ve really got it working out. Many people start out, try things out but quickly feel disconcerted by what they perceive, how they could interpret things or how to connect it with their goals. They sense something but lack self-confidence and self sabotage. Many others are discouraged by their surroundings who don’t believe in those things anyway and that it could definitely make their life easier and get it back into the flow.

As a result, so many people drop their dreams on the way. They fall back into doing things they don’t really wish and playing small, they disconnect from their higher self and spiritual reality, even if they feel they are not being true to themselves.

Perfect for everyone wanted to be connected
in their professional activities.


Regarding your business goals

  • Increase your personal revenue or your business profitability so that you may better support the people around you, your family
  • Scale your project or business so that you may have a greater impact on society and help more people
  • Fully integrate your sixth sense to manage your activities so that you may reach your goals faster
  • Get clear on why things are not working out the way you wish they would so that you may tab into manifesting more of what you want with less time and effort.
  • Get clear on your professional vision and mission so that you may stop dissipating your energy, learn how to focus it on what you truly value and manifest what you truly want
  • Identify the single steps to make your dreams, goals and intentions become reality by connecting your sixth sense to reality so that you may take better decisions – rather than to only use your brain and its limited know-how.
  • You are uncertain on what the next step in your professional life or business could be or should be. No matter is you work as an employee, a business owner or are unemployed.
  • … All this because you deserve a fun and abundant business life!

regarding your SPIRITUAL Connection

  • Develop your sixth sense, your intuition, your clairaudience, your spiritual connection…
  • Learn how to use it hands-on in everyday life
  • Be able to master your spiritual connection in a very pragmatic way for your business projects
  • Find a space where talking about spirituality – and business – is fully normal
  • Connect with what you sense and feel at every moment
  • Trust yourself and your connection more to better support yourself for your projects
  • Gain the support of a fully community of people on the same wave length than you are
  • Stop stopping yourself from developing your abilities, stop gaving up after a while because… life caught up on you (the kids, the job, television…)


The impact of this membership life on your business has no limit! But let me give you some examples of what it could do for you…

Full of exercices easy to follow on and perfect to get concrete results!


Each month, you take a new step to get things moving forward in your professional life with the spirit sparkle.
You interact with other women and men on the same wavelength as you are.


  • Practice first, Theory second: we best learn from what we experiment, not from what we learn with our brain! Therefore, we do always start and end the month with live interaction.
  • Fully Personalized – to the community’s, projects’ and business needs. We never work on a subject if it’s not connected to your very current situation.
  • Structure: you’ll see and feel how you move forward towards your goals one step after the other thanks to structured exercices and a result-based approach
  • Creativity: sometimes our brain gets in the way. We work with creative approach (hypnosis, archetypes, drawing, mediumship and sensitivity based technics) to help you trick you brain and get to the core of your issues.
  • Fun: there is no better way to learn than when what you do feels light and playful. That’s the spirit we want to keep up in our community!
  • A whole teaching approach: we do not only interact, you do also receive written, audio- and video-based information
  • Connection: A deep sense of connection between you and me as well as inside the community
  • You’ll train at your own pace and wherever you are: all information are available on an online platform and all videos are available as replays.


I really want you to move towards your business goals with ease and wholeness! 
Feel how it resonates within you, let your heart put you into action and be ready to experiment.

Hi, I’m Anne!

Although I have always been attracted to psychology and spirituality, I first completed a Bachelor in Economics and Languages and a Master in International Politics. I have managed marketing, strategy and business development projects for 15 years, in the private and social sector, in the middle and top management. But as a matter of fact, I have always combined reason, intuition & psychic abilities to make decisions and to implement those projects (and not only in my professional life by the way).

And you know what, it was an awesome decision to work in business! Because I believe that spirituality is meant to be used to impact lives in a broader and pragmatic way and that it shouldn’t be a “feel good” type of thing. In my eyes, it ought also to support us in making those projects which do matter to our heart become reality. Simply because this heart-to-heart relationship makes our soul vibrates and therefore impacts society and the earth positively and in-depth.

I enjoyed developing my abilities in clairaudience, intuition and psychology (others would say my sixth sense) “on the job”. And then later undergo in-depth training in short-term and systemic psychology, hypnotherapy, healing and mediumship.

And it was fun. Things were getting so much easier the more I developed my spiritual abilities. I was getting in the flow: I lived less and less conflicts, I finally had the feeling to “be at the right place”, I met the right people who supported me and definitely had it easier to develop the projects that mattered to me.

And this is what I want for you too! I know it’s a path and I’m well aware that it’s a huge change to create one’s business life according to what one may sense from one’s inner or higher self or from the spiritual world. But I know also that it’s really the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, so I know it’s really good for you too!

With the Business Spirit Academy, you will join a place of like-minded professionals working in various fields as employees, entrepreneurs or currently unemployed. And I’ll show you how to move down the path to develop your sixth sense, connect your soul longings with your business life, to get your business life back in the flow and to reach your goals with ease.

Today is the perfect day to be a turning point in your life and to make it head in the direction your soul is longing! I look forward to seeing you inside the Business Spirit Academy!

A community of students on your wave length,
eager to get things moving faster.


Watch out, this is a special offer for the founding students only – I hope you’ll make it!

The cart will open on June 15th!

Later on, the academy not be available at such a low price anymore.


How do I contact customer service?

Please send us an email through the contact page and we will be glad to assist you.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel anytime by sending us an email through the contact oage or in your personal login inside the membership. You don’t need to explain why! Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month / quarter / year, depending on which subscription you had joined. You cannot cancel within a quarter or a year if you had joined the quarterly or yearly subscription. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership through the last day of the month / quarter / year in which you cancel.

How is the membership delivered?

Everything is in the Membership portal! You just log in and can access all documents. You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And to make it easy to stay consistent, I send an email at the start of each month to encourage and support you! Plus you can join our private Facebook group to ask questions, share your experience and have fun!

I‘m not sure I’ll be able to manage the amount of content!

Don’t worry, we have already thought about it. That’s why the focus is primarily set on the experience in the Pow-Wow. I want to pick you up were you’re at and take you from there to the next level. I do definitely adjust to what the group needs. So it’s not about “how much content you’ll go through within a month”. It’s much more about allowing yourself to open up to your abilities – which can be soooo scary. And therefore we find so easily great reasons to keep our distances :).

I’m a newbie in those topics, am I at the right place?

Yes, absolutely, welcome! This is even a great advantage as it’s all about being curious and ready to experience – not about “how many courses you already took”.

I’m quite advanced, what will I gain from this membership?

Great, what is the next level you want to reach? Just define it and that will be what we’ll work on in the membership.