Do you ever…

∴ Define an intention but drop it after a while as “nothing” or “too little” really happens?

∴ Don’t know how to nurture your soul to get that abundance you dream of?

∴ Take many actions but feel exhausted because you don’t get the results that should come along?

∴ Feel trapped with your dreams remaining in your mind but not materializing?

You know that if you keep on doing what you are doing right now, you will probably not make it to the life of abundance you dream of? And you are ready to experiment a process that works out?

It can be so challenging to trust that abundance is something made for you, that it will really enter into your life at some point! In order to be comfortable with the idea of abundance entering your life, you first need to feel that you have the ability to attract positive things into your life, that you deserve it. Yes, even you!

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