About me

Although I have always been attracted to psychology and spirituality, I first completed a Bachelor in Economics and Languages as well as a Master in International Politics. Partly because of my natural curiosity for various topics, but also because this seemed “more reasonable”. It enabled me to work in the private and social sector, in marketing, sales and HR, in the middle and top management.

But hey, you cannot be someone that you are not. And no matter which job I was in, IĀ  always took great care on how the teams were working together and how people connected with the project. I also always kept an eye on the direction things were heading and foresaw how it would develop. I enjoyed developing my competencies in psychology and clairaudience this way. But after several years, I felt the need to give those competencies more space in my life and to not always use them only “backstage”.

So, I decided to formally educate myself in those fields, and I’ve now been working in the spotlight as a therapist and psychic for the past five years. I am very pleased to have developed my practice over the years and be able to connect both the intangible aspects of emotions and spirit with the concrete of material life. I am deeply convinced that we develop our full potential when we know how to use the strengths of both aspects.

I look forward to working with you!