• Medium, Psychic and Therapist-Healer

Both feet on the ground and Head in the stars

Hi, I am Anne.

I am very attached do a down-to-earth and scientific approach of mediumship as well as coaching and therapy for the body and the mind.

Science has given proofs of the effectivity of i.e. hypnosis, the survival of the soul or the effects of meditation. Other aspects haven’t been proven and therefore anything I could write or say about it are an expression of my personal beliefs. And my beliefs root solely in my personal experience and understanding of them. I am also very attached to supporting science in studying further aspects in a systematic manner.

But no matter what science, a medium or a therapist may say, you are the owner of your own truth. I do always recommend to let yourself be guided by what you feel does you good.

I hope my words help you gain clarity on how I work. Enjoy all the content. I look forward to getting to know you.